The Team That Stands Out from Other Software Development Companies in the USA

For more than 9 years we’ve been supporting companies to innovate and create custom software. We permanently spend money on R&D and adopt new technologies quickly. Beginning as soon as you have a concept to validate, we live there to make certain the hit outcome for every section of the software development.

Software Engineering Services

We cover all elements of the software engineering procedure, beginning with the strategy, allowing you to stay focused on the core business and market activities. We layout, develop and design top-notch software products in our headquarters in the USA.
  • Innovate
  • Validate
  • Evolve
  • Maintain
  • Cooperation models

Prototyping and ideation

Honestly, each disruptive technology starts from an idea implemented as a working prototype. We constantly invest in the R&D lab, in order that the software development engineers can do all possible evaluation and construct prototypes for the boldest ideas you could believe.

MVP development

Hi-tech software changed the way people do things and manage the business in the USA and worldwide. Getting to market quicker than competitors is what really matters. Now you may see how users engage with your minimal viable product and discover ways to make it better. We accept as true lean startup ideas and correctly implement them in the clients’ companies.

Outsourced product development

We were operating as an outsourcing company partner with some of the clients for more than 7 years, delivering services varying from a single app to software product portfolios with a dozen of digital products. Software merchandise that we've built are serving numerous audiences, from small companies in the USA to tens of millions of clients global, 24/7. We love Agile software development methodology, and will iterate, measure, and alter your product to gain preferred results and effects as soon as possible.

Ongoing help and support

The software we’ve helped to expand are nonetheless efficiently serving the users’ desires. We don’t simply develop a software program; we stay nearby making certain things running smoothly. The support and maintenance department and the partnership network provide the broad variety of services for the most demanding support cases.
In our company in the USA, we remember the fact that every client is unique. Over the years, we have developed cooperation models tailored for distinct varieties of clients: from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Technology companies
  • Business IT
  • Company innovators

Mobile Software Development

We build advanced mobile products. And make simple products mobile. The members of our program development firm in the USA love taking brilliant ideas and turning them into business value. We put your idea thru a full-cycle mobile design and development procedure, sprucing it to an expert easy-to-use product. The in-depth enterprise analysis, award-winning UI/UX design, and uncompromising top-quality software engineering are here to serve you.
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A top notch mobile product is a much more than just a mobile app. We've got the knowledge and understanding to create the superb mobile experience needed to enchant your audience, staff, and even competitors.

  • Platforms we work with:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Phonegap
  • Xamarin
Enterprise mobility solutions

The professionals from the USA will help you mobilize business with an in-depth analysis of the benefits of your enterprise, optimizing personnel’ productivity and imposing custom non-trivial solutions.

Whether you pick BYOD or CYOD strategy, we can mobilize your corporate data by integrating the quality MaM/MDM products into the software or making use of our very own safety policies.

Data Science

The final purpose of data science is to assist companies making better decisions to gain competitive advantages and maximize their effectiveness, transferring from intuitive to data-driven decision-making.

We’re right here to help you increase the information technology strategy and harness the hidden value in structured and unstructured records.


Here in the USA, we trust visualization is the key to data-driven companies achieving high performance in their value introduction system - improving the effectiveness of daily problem-solving. Analytical dashboards and actual-time visualizations solution precise enterprise questions asked at the start of data science initiatives. Meaningful visualization enables selection makers to become aware of the most critical problems of their business, as well as create available time to interpret results from assignment modeling levels to reaffirm selections or set a new direction of action.

Big Data processing

While committed to the development of the task vital big data software, the team of data scientists and engineers perfectly analyzes your company and technical necessities in each step of the statistics processing pipeline. Considering diverse technical requirements, we pick the most appropriate data processing technique:

  • Traditional ETL for a large variety of structured resources
  • Distributed software aimed at amassing events from different resources
  • NoSQL solutions for storing billions of data, petabytes of facts
  • Hadoop Map Reduce paradigm processing of great amounts of data on commodity hardware, decreasing the total cost of ownership of information storage and processing
  • In-memory alternative Spark framework, which shares the Same Map Reduce paradigm
Take advantage of Big Data
Regularly big data processing is not sufficient to remedy a business trouble. To derive beneficial insights from large parts of raw records, our experts in math, data, and system learning apply predictive modeling to guide data-driven decisions. Deep learning algorithms which include deep belief networks, convolutional neural networks, and deep Boltzmann, are supported by the expertise in high-performance computing. Using GPGPU to train distinctly dimensional neural networks allows us to speedy train loads of models with various hyperparameters, and install them for companies’ mission-critical programs.
Cloud Solutions
Scalability, capital value reduction, and quicker time-to-market: not the only advantages companies receive from cloud computing, but even the ones enough to consider cloud development and implementation. Since 2010 our team members from the USA were operating with cloud computing, efficiently handing over the perfect solutions to the clients. Our cloud experience consists of the development of:
  • High-load web offerings capable of serving lots of requests in second
  • Scalable computation engines for high-performance computing and big data analytics tasks
  • Infrastructure systems for Fortune 500 companies

Software modernization and migration to the cloud

Moving a legacy utility to the cloud is another roadblock on the way to cloud adoption into organization IT. The complexity of migration can also vary from simple reconfiguration to complete re-engineering. Our cloud migration services encompass:
  • Application assessment
  • Migration feasibility observe
  • SaaS structure development and review
  • Migration execution
  • DevOps services implementation

Scaling the software on-premise might be a problematic and luxurious challenge while scaling it inside the cloud is simple and value-efficient in contrary.Scaling out your on-premise application to the cloud when you want more resources is a natural way of combining the best of both worlds:

  • Compliance and reliability;
  • Data protection - of on-premise web hosting;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Flexibility;
  • Time-to-market - of the cloud.

Our engineers have the sizable track record in the implementation of a scale-out strategy for diverse situations:

  • High-performance computing clusters
  • Big Data analytics engines
  • High-load web offerings
  • Content delivery networks
  • Statistics backup and mirroring

Implementing cloud and SaaS models inside the enterprise, IT brings new advantages; however, in practice, some demanding situations may arise. Introducing a software platform, a company can dramatically lessen the general cost of ownership in their packages at the same time as enhancing the non-functional properties of an application and time-to-market.

As one of the best software development companies in the USA, we built a number of cloud systems for:

  • HPC and Data Analytics
  • Remote workplaces
  • Business Application PaaS

We inspire you to find a technology that best fits your very own necessities. See the list of technology know-how that our development company provides.

  • Scripts: JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, KnockoutJS, GruntJS, jQuery
  • Languages: Java, HTML5, CSS, PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Python, C#, Framework7
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Azure SQL, MS SQL, MongoDB
  • Content Management: WordPress, Microsoft SharePoint, Sitecore
  • Project Management: JIRA
  • Source Control: GitHub, Bitbucket, TFS
  • Social Integration: Facebook API, Instagram API, Twitter API, YouTube API
  • Authentication and Authorization: JSON web token authorization, Azure AD authentication, Live ID authentication
  • Tools: XCode, Android Studio, Code Ignitor, Selenium
  • Patterns and Framework: ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC, MVVM, MVP, Domain driven design, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, Dependency Injection, TDD, MS Test
  • Platforms: WordPress, Magento, Amazon Web Services, Cordova, Microsoft Azure, Joomla, +Sitecore, Xamarin, PrestaShop, Rackspace, Google Cardboard, nest, PhoneGap,

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Ultimate quality – award-winning first-class quality assurance services.

Elevate your client’s experience while keeping the best degree of quality. Our company has introduced countless hit tasks, offering exceptionally effective quality assurance and testing services for desktop, web, and mobile products.

Enforcing quality control

Figuring out the value of your product’s quality, we transfer your issues into our obligation to reap an uncompromised quality guarantee.

With the incorporated approach to quality assurance services, we leverage various testing procedures to include Unit, Integration, Manual, UI automation, and Parallel. This diverse method to trying out results in elevated end-consumer pleasure and loyalty. With the software quality assurance and testing offerings of our development company, we help to improve the value and time efficiency of your testing efforts.

Quality management

Much like project management best practices, our development company leverages quality management to satisfy excellent objectives and deliver the most effective solutions with our QA and testing services.Quality management calls for the involvement of test engineers in all tiers of a software development lifecycle.

  • Business Analyst - necessities
  • Quality Manager - test project design
  • Test Engineer - control development
  • Quality control engineer - execution and validation
How we deliver QA services

Here in the USA, we follow manual and automatic testing strategies to deliver tailor-made ROI-powerful solutions for our clients.

Automation checks is an effective way to ensure the appropriate level of quality, tackling the toughest tech demanding situations and constructing an efficient checking out automation surroundings for web, mobile, and desktop programs of any scale and complexity.

We also provide the thoughtful testing procedures consisting of professional toolset usage, various approaches to trying out and check development.

Major tools
  • White-box frameworks: JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, QUnit, Mockito, Moq, etc.
  • UI testing tools: Selenium WebDriver/Remote Control, SilkTest, QTP/M, TestComplete, Ranorex, Sikuli, Microsoft UI Automation etc.
  • Continuous integration servers: TFS, CruiseControl.NET, TeamCity, Hudson/Jenkins etc.
  • Cloud-based solutions: SOASTA, Perfecto Mobile, etc.
  • Tools for mobile platforms:Silk Mobile, Ranorex, SeeTest, etc.

Professional audit

In case you need an independent review of your product, or a QA drove testing with the implementation of the best tools and practices, you are in the right place. Our team offers sound and verified understanding in QA area, providing an objective quality assessment of your internal practices and products meant for launch.