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We are one of the most trusted software development companies in the UK and worldwide serving over millions of users around the globe and working with the variety of industry verticals. Being a reputable IT company, we are welcome you in the multi-year domain expertise ensuring smooth delivery of your bespoke software and tailored digital strategies.

IT Consulting

Our team of IT expert is here to help you make cost-effective investments that bring long-term benefits. These people research your corporate needs analysing the challenges and potential solutions to develop a suitable IT infrastructure that serves as a solid foundation for the business interactions between employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, media and management. We deliver tailor-made solutions which are based on your requirements, in-depth analysis of business needs and challenges, and research of the market and competitors. This IT agency can help you with resolving of specific IT-related issue or help you completely transform they way you do business. As a reliable IT partner, our company can deliver technology consulting across numerous domain areas ensuring efficient usage of information technologies.
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Web Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Flexible and Transparent Approach to the Development
With over seven years experience under the belt, our software development company present a long-term reliable partner that can realise innovative ideas of any complexity and focus. Our software firm is able to provide you with additional value and help you differentiate your brand in a tough competitive environment with a smart software solution. Our team offers everything from customisation and personalisation of the pre-developed systems and platforms to data visualisation and migration, to full-cycle bespoke software development of a new, cost-effective, and robust IT solution that matches unique client’s requirements and exceeds users’ expectations.
Proficient IT specialists include competent and skilled developers who are proficient in building enterprise solutions for small and large organisations. Thanks to the experience in Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration Enhancement, Business Process Management and other industry domains, we can provide clients with best-practice software products enabling their growth and deliver value to the users. Developers and business analysts work with you as an extension of your enterprise IT team increasing your capacity to deliver and eliminating extra pressure on your department. Whether you need a development partnership to assist with establishing the specification and on-time delivery, or looking for a development company that can work with both standard development environment such as Microsoft SQL Server and .NET and write code in-house depending on your needs and project budget, our IT company can ensure end-to-end software solution development adjusted to your requirements and business objectives.
With the help of advanced web technologies, our team can boost your brand visibility and make your company more accessible. This software company builds interactive and feature-rich web applications, portals and sites for corporate and customer-facing projects. Our IT agency follow industry best practices and development methods ensuring fast delivery and top quality. Programmers know how to make the content and real-time corporate data visible and accessible from any devices including PC, tablet and smartphones. Designers create responsive and adaptive user interfaces making sure that app is perfectly displayed on any screen size. Improving the usability and accessibility of your system with a tailored web app, you can not only grow employees’ productivity but also increase sales.
Mobile app creation enables us to help your business to go mobile reaching target audience on-the-go and making your products and services available all over the world. A native application helps increase the sales, enhance customer services and marketing strategy, mobilise the staff and so much more extending the business to the most popular mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Mobile software connects users both customers and employees to the corporate system. Expert programmers can build a mobile IT product or consumer-facing program to your information service. Mobile department is used to deliver excellent performance, intuitive navigation, interactivity and high user engagement. IT specialists in our software company are alert to deliver the full spectrum of mobile services from determining app specifications to designing, coding, testing and maintaining the end product.
The level of involvement in the development project depends on the program specification and how clear you can visualise the end product. Project manager lets you decide how much external support your project needs being eager to meet your requirements. The development company offers you flexible models of cooperation based on two major methodologies of the development life cycle:
  • Waterfall methodology, which implies fixed-price and -time model;
  • Agile methods, which introduce time and material development with the main focus on customisation.
The first approach relies on strict documentation and a clear vision of the specifications and ensures that the project will be finished at a definite time for a strictly determined cost. It fits those businesses, who had already acquired the understanding of their software needs. The second model lets you feel free to make changes throughout the development thanks to iterative cycles of the code writing. If you are not sure about the program functionality, this approach helps a lot.

Expertise Pool

Our programmers and project managers have vast experience in Finance, Telecommunication, Social Media, Medicine, Marketing, Education, Hospitality and many other industries. The previous development cases help us choose the right approach to every particular issue. For the continuously evolving and growth we are indebted to high-qualified specialists who composes our team. The company can offer native programming for the leading mobile platforms as well as web programming for both desktop and mobile devices ensuring impeccable performance.
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Client-side Scripting: Frontend developers include experts in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and other technologies that power the modern web. Proficient programmers ensure fast work of your sites and apps with no prejudice to their look on all targeted screen sizes and resolutions.

Server-side Scripting: Backend programmers and software engineers with a wealth of expertise in Java, PHP, Python, ASP.NET and other technologies develop mission-critical and highly available apps with a scalable architecture. Experienced IT experts are well-versed in a wide variety of verticals from e-Commerce solutions to Real Time Communication, Video and Audio Streaming, Data Management and many others.

The knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, Java, C++ and C# programming languages enables us to embrace the mobile market offering top-notch applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our IT company make sure that users get everything they expect from our products, including intuitivity, user-friendliness, seamless performance, polished and visually appealing interface and powerful and highly usable functionality.

Top Software Development Company
Since 2010, this software company has been growing and maintaining a comprehensive technology stack for we know how to blend proven methods and innovations efficiently addressing business challenges with the right approach. Our developers regularly adopt the latest emerging programming technologies to ensure quickly execution of the most challenging and ambitious projects providing customers with efficiency, interoperability, required performance and engaging user experience. Our team will guide you through all the tech terms and capabilities assisting in finding the perfect solution. We believe in the power of collaboration and encourage you to share your concerns, requirements and wishes, because anything can be possible if you entrust it to experienced IT professionals. This close collaboration with you throughout the development process enables us to bring tangible results, which meet desired goals. Our IT company has enough experience in the development, integration, quality assurance and technical support to meet the most demanding requirements.

Why Develop Bespoke Software?

Starting a new business you can solve business challenges with multiple third-party software solutions, but within the time, when business evolve and its needs grow with it, our software company is ready to support and refine high-level corporate processes uniting company’s departments, systems, and data. Our IT assistance aims at helping businesses to straight-through the processes, interchange the data seamlessly, and improve business rules execution. If you feel that having 6+ different systems and portals doesn’t make sense causing extra work and introducing unnecessary hassle, our team is ready to refine your information environments with one united system handling multiple tasks and empowering company’s departments to work more efficiently and collaboratively. The introduction of bespoke software solution tailored to the company needs solves three main problems:

Time loss caused by rudimentary but time-consuming efforts related to transferring data from stage to stage. Manual data consistency and verification between different systems and departments requires frequent discrepancies checking and corrections. Such data management consumes a lot of time that could be spent on a more productive activity. Automated data management with real-time access from any device and company department ensures greater productivity and streamlined operating.

Low information availability difficulties connected to the data mining, validation and aggregation. A bespoke solution can provide your company with a single data access point eliminating frequent e-mails exchange. United data sources improve taxonomy and metadata management. With a company-tailored software solution, there won’t be a need in manual data collection and comparison, and decision-making will be significantly improved.

If you prefer to make changes in third-party software that you got used to, then keep in mind that it requires huge IT efforts to keep these changes supported with every new update of the program. Besides, there can be many issues related to the system maintenance and management of the access rights. Bespoke software development dramatically improves the situation resolving these

Bring to Life Startup Project

The company provides critical business intelligence and trustworthy market analysis that plays a crucial role in business decision making. If you have a creative app idea for your startup business, IT experts will be happy to assist you in its verification and further realisation ensuring the future success of the project. Our team have experience of working with ambitious startups and helping them to make a claim about themselves worldwide.

Expand and Accelerate Your Business

If you are searching for quality changes in the way you run business and have forward-looking ideas how to make your plans real, our company is ready to provide you with a dedicated team of developers who not only code the programs but analyse your business driving the maximum efficiency for your company and its workers.

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