Software Developers

When it comes to salary, lifestyle and liberty of working, no one is envied more than IT people. It is true that nothing in this world has been untouched by IT revolution and in return IT industry has created jobs and desirable lifestyles for many.
The Qualities of Top Software Developers
Software development is an important aspect of IT and hence it hardly sees any dearth of jobs. On the contrary, the crop of people who wish to join software development is growing greater every passing day. But, being a software developer is no easy task. With intense competition, merely possessing an engineering degree or diploma is just not enough. Every company is looking forward to hire someone who is not “just a software developer”, it seeks much more! What exactly is this “much more” and what can be done to achieve it?
Qualities of a good software developer can vary from company to company, but basic qualities that any employer would look for are listed below:.text-block-inline
A good software developer should have exceptional communication/presentation skills
Gone are the days when software developers were perceived as geeks, ones with big spectacles, hidden behind books and computer, it has not being very long since they have broken the mould and came out of the stereotype.
Today they are required to take lead, represent the company and communicate with the client. This communication is not only for business sake but also for the client to explain his requirements effectively. So, good communication skills are must for a good software developer.
A Good Software developer will constantly upgrade himself with newer skills & technology
With rapidly changing technology, keeping up with it, is a mammoth task but a good software developer has to do it in order to keep himself indispensable. He could enrol himself in some on job training classes or teach himself, but keep up with equal pace.
Redundancy is higher in people who refuse to upgrade themselves to newest technical know-how or take a lot of time to change accordingly. A good software developer would constantly be in touch with industry changes and upgrade himself accordingly.
A good software developer would exhibit problem solving skills
Software development is all about problem solving. To say, everything that makes & evolves software is a problem, is not an exaggeration. Software developers are supposed to understand and solve these problem everyday with equal passion. And they also have to find to do things in a easier and faster way.
So, for a good software developer problem solving is part and parcel of his daily job and he should possess exceptional skills to prove he is ahead of many.
A good software developer should be able to lead and at the same time work with the team
Software development is huge process. Many restrict it to “writing codes” but reality is, right from when the product is conceptualise till it is a finished product, everything is part of software development. In this huge process, a software developer is required to work in team of people of various departments as well as take leads at appropriate times.
A good software developer would be passionate about coding
Last but definitely not the least, skill that a good software developer should possess is of being passionate about coding. A code is a backbone of all software and it is only easy when it sounds. In actuality, it is one number crunching, mind numbing and dull process which can give any a serious headache.
But a good software developer would make this numbing process a part of his life and do it with all sincerity and passion.