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We are one of the world’s leading teams of smartphone application developers who obtain extensive expertise in building high-performance, feature-rich and transformative mobile applications for smartphones which run all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

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The team of expert smartphone software developers know how to combine robust functionality and world-class design catering the most demanding requirements. We take your the most challenging ideas and convert them into exciting smartphone applications which stay on users home screens becoming their favourites. Besides mobile app development, we can boast a high level of competence in web programming and a full spectrum of IT-related services from digital strategy and business analytics to design, code writing and post-launch maintenance. We serve our UK and global customers helping them to develop awesome smartphone and web applications. With the main focus on business-driven solutions, our team passionately pursue the emerging technologies which enable us to add business value to the end-products. Programmers and designers produce anything less than the most top-notch, engaging and functionally effective user experience possible.
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Over the last seven year our smartphone and web developers have seen inspiring growth of our customers due to introduction of bespoke software solutions which helped them to innovate, engage with their customers, increase brand loyalty, collect valuable customer data and optimise their internal processes. Additionally, as experts at frontend and backend programming, we can also build web and cross-platform smartphone applications ensuring their work on any device regardless of the platform it runs, its screen size and resolution. Companies chose our smartphone application developers because of the quality assurance provided in spite of the preferred technologies it is built on. We ensure secure, sustainable and scalable solution in whatever environment it was developed.
Strong iOS app development team will help you to conceptualise the app idea, build appropriate IT digital strategy, design the layout according to iOS Human Interface guidelines, write a robust code and timely deliver the enterprise quality iPhone and iPad applications helping to navigate Apple’s App Store review process. We have a strong background in iOS development with a proficiency in iOS SDK frameworks, Xcode IDE, Objective-C, Swift, UIkit, JSON, Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa Core Libraries, numerous APIs and many other technologies that enable us to build superior user experience. Since the release iPhone’s hardware keep evolving together with Apple’s SDK and iOS creating a developer-friendly environment and enabling us to deliver the best bespoke end-to-end iPhone solutions.
Professional Android app developers will help you to conquer the mass market of Android users and all the brands that run this operating system. We have enough expertise and experience in the development of innovative and interactive Android-based solutions. Our Android app developers have been delivering high-functioning and feature-packed bespoke solutions for different fields and industries gaining valuable experience and business insights. We build native applications for Android smartphones using JavaScript, C++, SQLite Database, Android SDK, Android Studio and Eclipse IDEs, and multiple APIs. If you are looking for developers who can provide you with a standalone smartphone solution, our team will help you to achieve the desired goals providing you with more than promotive app. Client-server, web service, database driven or cloud-based software for Android - anything you need to meet the enterprise needs.
In 2015, Microsoft released a new version of Windows platform for smartphones and tablets unifying the Windows 10 devices. Building software with a Universal Windows Platform, developers can design applications for various Windows device family preserving nearly identical functionality. We have extensive expertise in working with this operating system and building software solutions for all devices. We involve our customer to participate in the development to ensure that we meet your vision of the program and business needs. We are proficient with Visual Studio IDE, C, C++, C# and .NET frameworks benefiting from them to provide your Windows app with a technical advantage. Our smartphone application developers can provide you with an exciting mobile application for the Windows operating system providing you with the security, strength, and support of the Microsoft brand.
Smartphone App Development Cost
The cost of mobile app development may vary from £8,000 to hundreds of thousands of pounds. There exist different aspects that influence program development cost starting with the number of platforms you want to target to features set, to design requirements, integrations, and many other things. One of the key factors is if you want to build a native app or hybrid solution, because depends on your choice the development time varies. It is impossible to tell the cost of your particular project until you tell us about it. We can say that average cost of a native MVP (minimum viable product) is about £20,000 - £30,000. But each project is unique and we need to know its details to estimate the budget. That is why don’t hesitate to talk to us to find out the real cost of your software product. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Mobile Software Solutions

We offer a flexible engagement model starting with comprehensive analysis of the project idea and its IT requirements to ensure that we select the ultimate and the most appropriate software solution for its realisation. Our developers can provide you with everything from native to web, and to hybrid app development. IT specialists carefully consider your budget, timeframes, and program specifications and offer you available technical capabilities that meets your requirements and advise to choose the one which is more appropriate.

Native apps are the programs that users can find on the app stores and are launched by tapping their icons. They are developed with the native SDKs and for specific operating systems. If you want to embrace several platforms with native development, you will have to write unique code for each platform. Native software offers the most reliable and responsive experience ensuring fast respond to users’ actions and streamlined operating. They also enable developers to tap into the wider functionality taking advantage of all the hardware capabilities. Being a part of users smartphones, native mobile programs provide the most engaging user experience with push-notifications bringing the audience back every time when their attention is required.

Browser-based web applications optimised for smartphones and tablets present a sort of mobile version of a site. This type of applications loads via smartphones’ browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and others letting users to access the content without downloading the program on their devices and installation, it does not require any disk space. This type of software is also easy to maintain and update making changes only in a single place. They can be designed to look and behave like native solutions and can become a good alternative to the native smartphone app being less expensive. Developers write web-based solutions with such programming languages as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, but the functionality is limited comparing to native solutions as standardised SDK are not available for developers. Anyway, unlike it is with native app, web apps functionality isn’t as rich and engaging and they come short of the user experience.

Hybrid app development stands somewhere in between native and web solutions taking all advantages of these two options. Unlike native apps they are quicker to develop and hence cheaper and their functionality is a head and shoulder ahead of what you can expect from web-based apps. They are build with cross-compatible web technologies and have some part of the native code which lets them access to the wider functionality. With the shared core and only a portion of re-written native code, hybrid development enables programmers to launch the app in a relatively short time targeting all the devices. Nevertheless, the development time can increase due to the multiple layout designs because app designers should ensure that your app looks nice on all the targeted screens and the program itself won’t be as fast and accurate as if it was a native app.

Why Hire Smartphone Application Developers

The usage of smartphones like iPhone, Samsung or others has incredibly increased in the last decades due to their innovative features with PC-like functionality. Mobile application development helps users to leverage their advanced capabilities such as internet connection, GPS, enhanced video and audio assets, touchscreen, accelerometer, calling and so much more. Mobile operating systems provide professional smartphone application developers with a platform and tools for mobile app development tailored to your needs. As the demand for these smart devices keeps growing while their functional capabilities evolve getting more sophisticated, it is a time to take advantage of powerful processing, larger interfaces and open operating systems with the help of expert app developers and designers. Our team can help you to benefit from smartphone app development providing you with:


Enlarging the access to your business for loyal and potential customers all over the globe, as well as letting you employees to work remotely.

Brand Promotion

The presence on the app stores and marketplaces increases your brand recognition getting it seen and letting users download it and recommend to their friends ensuring viral advertising.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

A smartphone application takes your business up with the customers getting into their pockets and being at their fingertips. Besides, apps are a good way to get honest feedback from you customers about services and products you offer.

New Income Source

We can build for you a unique application with unrivalled functionality, subscription or premium content based on your app idea and make it generate a ROI. Developers can create a free smartphone application which will be supported by advertisements or make a paid software which doesn’t host any ads.

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Here at our smartphone app company, passionate and creative developers strive to build something amazing and business-transformative making full use of their skills. Unlike in-house team, we do not commit you to a long-term contract but offer an hourly bill allocating the right time and skills to your particular project. Moreover, we can provide you with reliability and quality which any freelancer can offer you.