Our Recent Projects

Here at SOFTWARE TOOLS, we are proud to say that our iOS developers have built a significant number of iPhone apps to our happy clients and would like to present some of our projects.


Tax Savvy
(A smart iPhone tax services application that works as financial advisor)

One of our recent projects was dedicated to helping people become more financially educated, be up-to-date with tax payment, perform an audit, have access to financial consulting, be aware of management risks and other tax services. The app simplifies tax tracking for both individuals and firms, reducing chances to be missed on them and lets contact your tax consultant. The app provides an ability to personalise users’ news and events notifications. It has also integrated tax calendar improving user experience and increasing the usability of the app.


Maintain app
(A managing application for technical support company to empower its specialists.)

The customer approached us to provide his employees with a mobile tool as they are always on the go specialists who needs access to real-time data wherever they are. The application lets maintenance managers process work orders, requests, and inventory parts and monitor real-time data due to web technologies. We also have integrated purchasing, payroll, and accounting functionality to ensure higher mobility of technicians.


Local Market
(A location-based iPhone app that informs users about the local market news.)

The app is aimed at keeping users connected with their geosocial community. Our programmers were asked to build a social media iOS app that notifies its users about interesting nearby deals. When a user registers his or her account, it is necessary to point interests and let the application access to the device geolocation and users starts getting notifications about the most relevant offers and deals in the nearby businesses and shops. Whether it is a coffee shop, fitness club, hotel or anything else, users will always be aware of the beneficial promotion.


Speak UP
(An iPhone application for qualitative voice recording)

A singer and music producer approached our development team to create a portable vocal recording studio that could let musicians and common people record their voice over music and share what they got. It was an interesting and exciting collaboration with a creative customer, and it resulted in an innovative software solution with an implementation of the latest sound programming technologies. Social Media integration lets users share their audio files via Facebook and Twitter and get feedback.


(An iOS app for reviewing and rating products.)

The application present a review database and has features of social media app which allow users not only rate a product but also share your opinions with friends. A social review platform work as a network of trusted advisors as its connect friends letting them share their experience with this or that products. The app includes six categories of things to simplify the search of item’s reviews. So users can share their opinion on Technologies and Devices, TV shows, Movies, Music, Games, and Books.