Custom Software Development Services

Our custom software development company improves the way you communicate with your customers and do business with partners, vendors, and suppliers. We bring innovations via bespoke development of applications tailored to your particular business needs and personal requirements.

Custom-Designed Software

We deliver custom or also known as bespoke software solutions which are specially made for our customers whether they are planned for mass market as a promotion tool or a personalised system for the internal processes optimisation. The development team offers powerful and out-of-the-box solutions built specifically for your company ensuring that they perfectly fit your organisation’s needs and make a difference in the way you run the company. We strive to meet unique demands of our clients in accordance with all their specifications accommodating particular preferences and expectations. Experienced developers have mastered the iterative software development process making sure all the nuances and hidden risks are taken into account during the app conception and further creation. Helping to fill the gaps in the existing software packages, we also transform the way you deal with critical functions such as management of the customers, inventory, and human resources.
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Our portfolio includes over hundreds of finished web projects starting with enterprise and line-of-business systems which increase corporate efficiency and automate time-consuming, routine operations, and up to the web portals and online platforms which introduce more opportunities for collaboration with customers and partners and enable businesses to store and process the data in a secure and easy-to-manage way. Delivering the custom program, we ensure that it is well-aligned with your corporate technological policy and organisation’s processes.
Unlike desktop software web apps delivered over the Web and do not require storage space being also easy-to-update solutions. Nevertheless, web systems can be presented to the public or used only internally via the intranet being available only for staff or shared with some particular users, such as partners, investors or suppliers through the extranet. A web application is much more complex than website being able to store and process a large volume of data and perform particular tasks; hence they provide more opportunities and richer functionality while making a stronger online presence.
Custom application development allows to deploy the business in mobile context enabling employees to work remotely and more efficiently as well as letting consumers all over the world reach your company. Our team can boast a high level of expertise in mobile development embracing smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices so that they started working on you. We keep up with the emerging technologies as they drive bespoke mobile software development making it even more powerful each year.
Properly utilising mobile technology, organisations can tap into the exponential growth and benefit from cutting-edge innovations. The capabilities of mobile software evolve each year enabling us to provide more than promotive nice-to-have solutions. Our development team has experience in providing businesses with custom mobile software that assist with the document management, VoIP telephony, remote desktop connection, customer resource management, enterprise resource planning and many other functions.
Custom database development enables business to store mission-critical information providing real-time access to employees depending on their role in the company. Data-driven decision-making helps businesses to stay competitive. Our digital agency offers affordable custom software development providing with adaptive database design and scalable architecture. We build data-driven systems providing companies with a central repository of information with advanced search and reporting functionality as well as rich visualisation capabilities.
Custom databases utilise a dedicated server which makes the whole system faster and protects it against data corruption. The customisation of the system enables it to create form and reports for data entering and retrieving based on the company needs and requirements. And this isn’t the only reason to make a bespoke server-based database. First of all, it is a head and shoulders ahead of shared-file systems in terms of data integrity and protection. Secondly, a server-based database is much faster processing it via the server instead of reading the files over the LAN and hence loading the network with the chunks of data. Finally, besides better protection and performance, server-based databases are much easier to maintain via a single server.

Development Life Cycle

We have collected skilled and talented specialists who deliver successful solutions catering the most demanding needs and specified requirements staying within the timeframes and budget a limits. We provide end-to-end custom application development ensuring full customisation and comprehensive management of the IT project.
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Every development project starts with idea verification and careful market research. These actions lay the foundation for a successful project delivery and further ability to reach the desired goals. Approaching every project with collaborative planning engagement, we keep focusing on driving ROI and business value. Our software company provides organisations with pre-project IT consulting, code audit and architecture review services. We also take care of business analysis, research and app conceptualisation helping to transform client’s brief ideas into detailed and comprehensive project specifications list.


Our software firm is proud of the design department we have. Talented and creative web and mobile interface designers create intuitive and responsive layout adapting them to the screen sizes. These people introduce usability and simplicity in use ensuring brand implementation and aesthetic appeal. App designers create several examples of the user interface look and navigation and ask for your feedback and introducing changes to cater your requirements.


Writing code and building the architecture is the part of the development life cycle that takes the largest portion of the time. Software engineer analyses the whole project figuring out what small operations should be performed to meet the end goal. Programmers get their tasks from software engineer ensuring streamlined development due to the collaborative approach to the task. As soon as the MVP (minimum viable product) is developed, we deliver it to you so that you could check it out and see if it is what you need. Our regular consultancy with clients ensures that the end program solves business toughest problems which it is supposed to solve. It should seamlessly fit the current processes and systems because only in this case it can be called ‘custom’.


It would be incorrect to distinguish testing as a separate stage of the custom software development life cycle because QA experts and testers accompany developers and designers throughout the development process. They start analysing the project at the planning stage foreseeing the potential challenges and pitfalls and looking for the way to eliminate them and resolve with no prejudice to the software quality and delivery. Testers continue checking the product making sure that its performance, security, usability and user-friendliness meet the corporate standards.


We offer post-launch support letting you focus on the business while we keep things running smoothly. If you need to update, edit or integrate new functionality, we will be happy to assist you with expert advice, technical support, and coding skills. If it is required, we will oversee program’s security, monitor its performance, conduct backups, perform updates and maintain its features fixing emerging bugs. We stay here with you, ready to help anytime you need assistance and support.

Custom Software Development Company
Our company has a dedicated team of world-class developers who has experience of work with both small-scale and complex, enterprise-level projects delivering custom software solutions based on clients’ requirements and needs. We know how to drive results within tight deadlines preserving high quality. With a team of skilled and trained software engineers, project managers, programmers and UI designers our team can bring to life the most challenging app idea. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get started with your project.


Our app creation company specialises in custom built software product providing world-class services and embracing all major IT domains. We enlarge the variety of available software solutions due to continuous learning and self-improvement. We believe that the sky is limit to our willing to learn and absorb top-notch innovations and technologies. This passion lets us grow and evolve as IT professionals and agile software developers.

Our team consists of proficient frontend and backend web app developers who use powerful programming languages starting with client technologies, such as Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 and up to high-level server-side scripting languages, including Ruby, Python and Perl. Web design professionals use a lot of Microsoft tools for custom development such as Microsoft IIS, ASP.NET, and Microsoft SQL as the backend database. Besides, our expertise expands to Linux technologies including MySQL, Apache, PHP. And web programmers can also boast a high level of competence in C, C++, C#.

Mobile app development is one of the strongest department in our company with skilful teams of Android, Windows and iOS app developers and mobile app designers. Whether it is Google’s operating system, Apple’s or Microsoft’s we keep up with their latest updates and development tools:

Windows Mobile 10 platform represents the most ambitious step in the mobile world attempting to unite all Windows 10 device family with a single platform reducing the development efforts. With over 50 million users across high-end smartphone brands, such as LG and HTC, this platform can be leveraged with Visual Basic and C#, which our development team is no slouch at.

Android app developers have enough competence to help you conquer the mass audience of the most wide-spread smartphone operating system adopted by such giants and Samsung, Sony and other well-established brands in the world of digital products. Being well-versed in Android Studio, Android SDK, APIs and Libraries, custom app developers will be happy to adjust the capabilities of this platform to your needs.

Cell phone application developers love to work with iOS platform for its stability, robust functionality, and invulnerability. iOS mobile devices take an advanced position in the mobile market being the second most popular platform. Being members of Apple Developer Program, we have all possibilities to build robust iOS solutions taking advantage of Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, TestFlight, Cocoa Touch and other Apple’s development tools.