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We are a software development company which crafts stunning apps, and we guarantee to deliver results that add value to your business on-time and on-budget. Our team will help you to form your app idea according to your business goals and embody it into beautifully crafted design and robust, secure code. Our business app development services can transform the way you and your employees work. Mobile or web application can help you not only move your business to the next level by increasing your efficiency, but also enhance your relationships with customers and promote your brand both locally and worldwide.

Industries insight: what Businesses Must Develop Mobile Apps

Our development company has worked with businesses from diverse industry niches, and we can give just several examples of how business app development can increase your efficiency and productivity helping you stand out from other companies in your niche.
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Startups
A proper business app can significantly improve field productivity, shipments delivery, and intake operations, help to optimise vehicle routes and resources and achieve better business mobility relieving from extra paperwork.
Bespoke financial application for business will simplify data analysis by rich and vivid visualisation means and automated grouping, sampling, reporting. It can empower you and your employees with necessary functionality eliminating useless and complicated features. And a real-time information flow will empower you to make better decisions based on relevant data.
Whether you need a clinical management app, monitoring app, hospital admin app or any other, our team has a wealth of expertise in developing healthcare apps. Business apps can help you to extend patient care beyond the walls of healthcare facilities.
A bespoke enterprise application can establish many of business processes within a big corporation. Your own Intranet can improve and streamline internal communication, management, and tasks setting; an effective app can automate routine and time-consuming processes; while a single corporate database will allow you store, access, and process important data in a secure and safe way.
Today’s technology and innovative idea lead to exciting prospects. A smart software solution can become a beginning of a new business with extensive distribution channels and developed monetization strategy. With our competitive services costs and on-time development, you can create an impressive success story. Here are just a few examples that illustrate how app development can improve your business efficiency and productivity and move it to the next level.

How to start your own app

We have an agile approach to app development preserving transparency in communication with our customers. Our mission is to deliver bespoke software solution to our clients fitting all their needs, and that is why their feedback and their view of the project is important to us. When you collaborate with us you can count on clear and steady relationships, constant technical support, regular communication, and assurance that it will be what you need.
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Share your app ideas

Nobody knows your business better than you. You know what is your current situation what and what challenges you face every day. Share us your knowledge and we based on our expertise will help you to deal with your problems. You might be certain about what you need, or have doubts about a possible software solution. In both cases, our team will help you to identify the core features of your app depending on its main purpose, come up with a design layout based on your brand identity, and develop a brief project idea, determine time frames and budget limitations.

Control the development process

Agile methods of software development ensure iterative and flexible process and imply a regular interaction between you and your development team. Our company dedicates a separate project manager to the development case who accompany you throughout the process of software creation. This project manager becomes your personal assistant, translator, and IT expert who connect you with the development team, translate your requirements into programming tasks, inform you about any changes, results, and problems that may occur in the process. Your project manager regularly delivers you results and specifies if you want to change some elements of your software, add other features, eliminate something that appeared to be not that efficient as you thought would be, etc. Agile development methodology allows changing your strategy direction throughout the whole period while we build your application.

UI/UX design

App designers carefully elaborate your app design layout creating a unique user experience that will associate only with your product. Your application is your representative in mobile and web landscape, and it meets your customers with its look. The attractive program engages letting users get acquainted with its functionality. Our designers aim at developing UI design that not only mirrors your business identity but also attracts, engages, retains and make users come back.


App developers write a brilliant code based on all coding guidelines and standards. Our development team tends to be up to date with the innovative technologies and latest trends. Their enthusiasm and passion for IT allow making apps that stand out from their counterparts in the app market. They strive to readable, robust code that ensures stable work and easy maintenance. Within the shortest time, they deliver you an MVP to have a look what is your program is going to be like. An MVP is a working software with its core functionality and first visualisation of your idea. With it help, you can clearly identify your further course.

QA testing

Working program isn’t enough for us, we strive for perfection creating software that makes a difference. QA experts help us to achieve the results we are striving for. They start analysing your project before app developers write a line of code. A thorough analysis helps us eliminate the number of bugs and further cost of their improvement. Throughout the development process, they keep testing your program loadability, stress resistance, security, performance, usability and other items influencing on further application success.

Smooth Launch

App approval process can cause some difficulties especially if you deal with it for the first time. For instance, you can’t submit your app without a developer account. But don’t worry, as world-class professionals, we’ll take all the worries and help you to submit your app following all the guidelines, such as App Store Review Guidelines or Android Launch Checklist. Our developers will help you navigate all restrictions and make your product as customised as possible and publish it as soon as it can be.

Costs of business app development
Bespoke app development cost can be hardly estimated. Custom software is tailored to your business needs, and its cost depends on program’s functionality, complexity, time frames and many other aspects. But you can not start seriously consider investment in software development for your business if you don’t have an approximate cost of such investment. To identify approximate budget of your project, we can provide you with statistics of the most common mobility budget according to reputable sources and our own notice. Thus, according to the Enterprise Mobility Exchange survey called ‘The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016’ the most common budget was between £200,000 - £400,000. Clutch, a research firm, report that app development services costs may vary from £25,000 to £570,000 and higher with the most common budget equal to £140,000. On behalf of our company, we can say that initial cost of the first MVP amounts £30,000 - £40,000. Our smartphone development company has adopted a flexible price policy which helps to save time and resources during the development process.

Tailored IT Solution

A powerful and scalable mobile application, secure custom database, interactive web application, intranet/extranet - all these software tools can make a radical change in the way you run you business.
A right web software makes a difference and solves real business problem:
  • It streamlines and automates internal process;
  • Improves interaction with your employees, vendors, and customers;
  • Protects, stores, automatically analyses, processes, and provides company’s data, etc.

Its functionality depends on goals you set when you come to us, and it provides access to the workplace from any device due to adaptive design and web technologies. We have a high competence in web development for businesses, and it allows us to add some ideas to yours to make use of our rich experience and deliver a product that meets all your business objectives in the best possible way.

Mobile application

We are professional app developers who have been developing mobile software since 2010 and now has a wealth of experience in numerous industries and various business goals achievement. Our mobile app company offers iOS, Android and Windows app development for smartphones and tablets. Mobile application development can help businesses to evolve, streamline its processes, achieve greater accessibility and availability, advertise it and so much more whether they are small, middle or big.

What platform to choose?

Platform choice is a decision you have to face if you have a limited budget for your first business application. Our company has a fully fledged team of mobile developers who can realise your ideas on any platform you wish, but as IT experts we suggest you consider two major operating systems: iOS and Android.

  • First of all, you should find out what type of devices your target audience uses: your employees or customers. If the majority of you customers prefer Apple devices, you should select iOS, if they mostly use Android devices then you would be better to start your business app development with Android operating system.
  • Take into consideration what are your main goals. If your primary goal is to generate revenue, then you probably should prefer iOS, as it is believed that iOS users are more willing to pay. While advertising and promoting goals will lead you to Android app development as it has the largest market share and hence a larger number of users worldwide.
  • Google Play is less strict than Apple App Store and allows a higher level of customization while Apple’s strict review let to the market only high-quality products.
  • Finally, if you are looking for an application that works with your business data and provides you access to mission-critical information, then you should keep in mind that Apple offers the most secure and stable platform.
  • Both OSes has their advantages and disadvantages, and you as an app owner have your reasons to prefer one to the other. But we can assure you, that whatever operating system you select for your first app our iOS and Android developers can benefit from all systems capabilities and deliver you a high-quality application navigating all the restrictions and customising it to your requirements.

Mobile app promotion: How to make your app go viral

Virality can hardly be a marketing strategy, but the implementation of certain features from the beginning can encourage it. If your priority is to reach new customers and promote your business, our mobile marketing team can help you to make your application viral with several engaging techniques.

Make it simple to use. Our developers can enrich your app with such functionality that will make your app effortless; take away all the things that cause doubts, and make it simple and intuitive so that users won’t be distracted by useless action. For instance, instead of complicated registration form users will be able to log in with one click via their social network or e-mail account. App developers can integrate sharing functionality enable simple and quick posting to multiple websites at once.

Think of rewarding your users. Reward the behaviour you want to encourage. Our programmers can code your program the way that it gives a gift to users for every new friend they brought. For instance, the reward could be a new theme, a free upgrade, discount or something else.

Create a feeling of credibility. Let your users control what they share. For instance, you can show users what will be shared before they press a share button. Such attention to the details will help your users to trust your app and hence to keep using it.

Build long-term relationships with your customers. When people use your application for a long time, they start to associate you and your business with it. So think of the app that offers users something valuable, helps them achieve more. Push notifications can help you to keep in touch with your users and motivate them to come back and prolong their in-app activity. With this functionality, you can also inform your customers with limited promotions, changes in the schedule and some other useful information. You can also implement some challenges that will cause friendly competitions among friends increasing users’ thrill and excitement about your app. Offer exclusive functionality and content, get them interested in your app.

App developers for hire

Our software company offers exclusive business application development tailored to your specific needs and goals. Hiring our company you entrust your ideas to:
  • Passionate IT enthusiasts;
  • Professional and experienced software experts;
  • People who keep up with the latest technologies and implement them in their development cases;
  • Programmers who use only proven methods of development;
  • Company with creative and talented designers;
  • Reliable business partners who guarantee only high-quality products.
There are many other ways to describe our development team, but you can find the most suitable definition only if you talk to us.

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